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Careers in Energy Week: Oct. 14-18, 2019

Over 110,000 people work in Michigan’s energy industry today. The Michigan Energy Workforce Development Consortium (MEWDC) and our state’s energy companies are using Careers in Energy Week as an opportunity to let students know the demand for their talent and skills will keep growing.


We’re excited to offer an online trivia contest this year. Students will have a chance to win drones and cash for themselves and their schools.



Question for Wednesday, October 16, 2019 

In 2018, Michigan came out with a “Michigan’s Top 50 Hot Jobs” list.

You can review the list here: Michigan’s Top 50 Jobs List

Of those 50 jobs, how many can be employed within the energy industry?

A. Less than 10                B. 10-20

C. 20-30                            D. 40 or more


Question for Tuesday, October 15, 2019 

Watch the following You Tube video:


Name three careers you can pursue within the energy industry?


Question for Monday, October 14, 2019 

Use the Michigan Public Service Commission website at www.michigan.gov/mpsc and locate the service area maps under the consumer information tab. Using the maps, answer these two questions:

  1. How many natural gas utility providers are there in Michigan?
  2. How many electric utility providers are there in Michigan?


You’ll also see details about the contest, activities and more on social media shared by participating utilities and other partners as well as the Careers in Energy Week handles on Facebook and Twitter.

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MEWDC  is an industry-led partnership of more than 50 representatives of industry, workforce, education, and veterans. It was established in 2009 to address current and future workforce issues that are crucial to building and sustaining Michigan’s energy industry.

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