About the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium

The work of the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium (WEWC) is led by five energy companies with service areas in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Public Service, We Energies, Alliant Energy, Xcel Energy and Madison Gas and Electric.

Vision: The Wisconsin energy industry is adequately staffed with a qualified and diverse workforce of engineering, craft, and technical workers to provide safe, reliable and efficient energy.

Mission: The mission of the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium is to identify and develop programmatic solutions that Consortium members use to meet the current and future workforce needs of the energy industry in Wisconsin. This will be accomplished through partnerships with investor-owned, municipal and cooperative energy companies, contractors, energy and contractor associations, state economic development, workforce development, and education partners.

Consortia Structure

Career Awareness Objective: Create awareness among targeted populations of the critical need for a skilled energy workforce and the opportunities for education that can lead to entry level employment.

•Build awareness of careers in energy among Wisconsin’s K-12 youth population.
•Increase the diversity of the applicant pool for skilled energy positions.

Education Objective: Implement clearly defined education solutions that link industry recognized competencies and credentials to employment opportunities and advancement in the energy industry

•Partner with educators to close existing skill gaps and create a pool of qualified workers for energy careers.
•Research opportunities for standardizing pre-employment testing across Wisconsin energy employers and implement standardization as appropriate to reduce redundancy and signal consistent expectations to educators.
•Assess the skill impact of new technologies and integrate into education pathways.

Workforce Planning Objective: Balance the supply and demand for a qualified and diverse energy workforce

•Validate state workforce demand numbers to verify key in-demand jobs for career awareness and strategic planning purposes.
•Collect supply data for key energy programs from educators to verify educational system capacity to meet energy workforce needs.
•Measure workforce development initiatives to determine impact on critical skill and workforce gaps.

Structure and Support Objective: Organize and manage the WEWC to maximize its positive impact on national, state and individual company initiatives

•Effectively manage Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium projects and initiatives.
•Regularly convene the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium to build partnerships and continue momentum.
•Assess the impact of energy workforce needs on State workforce policy and communicate to Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium members and partners.
•Create mutually beneficial alliances with organizations that support and advance Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium initiatives.
•Maintain the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium as a self-sustaining operating structure that includes governance, management, and financial processes.

Want to get involved? Contact us at wewc@morgandata.com

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